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Gluten Free Restaurant Disclaimer

The Greater Rochester Celiac Support Group does not endorse any of the restaurants provided in the list; we are simply relaying information that our members have provided on gluten free accommodating restaurants. We encourage you to be your own advocate, ask questions as you always would, and share your experiences with the group.

Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free

The Greater Rochester Celiac Support Group offers these steps of advice when choosing to dine out:

  • Call ahead to confirm they can accommodate/consult the menu online
  • Make sure that they are aware it is medically necessary for you to eat Gluten Free – as the gluten free diet has become more of a fad diet. Rochester is pretty familiar with the term gluten. When travelling or encountering someone not familiar with it – be ready to explain and educate.
  • Dine early
  • Confirm gluten free accommodations upon arrival. Some establishments will have a gluten free menu. Always let your server know.
  • Proof your meal when it is delivered to your table, double check that it is gluten free, especially if someone other than your server delivers it.
  • Be sure to thank individuals who have been accommodating to your needs when ready to leave.
  • Tip generously to show your appreciation.  
  • When in doubt – keep it simple and safe.

It is common for restaurants to offer gluten free options, but be sure to ask about preparation as there are different levels of sensitivity, as well as restaurants accommodating the gluten free fad.
A few things to ask (depending on what you are ordering):

  • Is your pasta prepared in different water, with different strainers?
  • Is that fried with other gluten containing items?
  • Is that grilled where other gluten containing items are grilled? If so, can they clean that area or use a pan or oven to cook it?
  • Do you use separate utensils and prep area for the gluten free option?
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