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CUSTOMERS NEEDING CELIAC-SAFE PREPARATION MUST SPECIFY AND DIFFERENTIATE FROM REGULAR GF PREPARATION. We like the ordering terminology “I need this whole order prepared GF for CELIACS.” For Celiac prep, we change gloves, get fresh knives and cutting boards, brand new ingredients that haven’t been cross-contaminated, etc…

We are a shared space with gluten, but follow safe handling practices and have been without any reported incidents for several years now!  Staff education is key: We have separate prep surfaces for gluten / gluten-free, no cross-contamination ingredient bins, wiping in-between prep tasks, not sharing cutting boards/knives, sending all dishes and baking pans thru high-temp dish machines in-between uses. Our two baking supervisors both have Celiac Disease and other food allergies! Our pastry case has gluten & GF items in it, but the GF items are kept on the top shelf and gluten on the bottom. Pastry tongs are single-use and never share between items.

We are a vegan restaurant, so we are by default a great spot for people who are allergic to dairy, eggs, shellfish & honey. We also have allergy-friendly menus with options for nut-free, soy-free, onion-free, garlic-free and oil-free preparations.