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View our Restaurant Disclaimer and Tips for Eating Out

Gluten Free Restaurant Disclaimer

The Greater Rochester Celiac Support Group does not endorse any of the restaurants provided in the list; we are simply relaying information that our members have provided on gluten free accommodating restaurants. We encourage you to be your own advocate, ask questions as you always would, and share your experiences with the group.

Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free

The Greater Rochester Celiac Support Group offers these steps of advice when choosing to dine out:

  • Call ahead to confirm they can accommodate/consult the menu online
  • Make sure that they are aware it is medically necessary for you to eat Gluten Free – as the gluten free diet has become more of a fad diet. Rochester is pretty familiar with the term gluten. When travelling or encountering someone not familiar with it – be ready to explain and educate.
  • Dine early
  • Confirm gluten free accommodations upon arrival. Some establishments will have a gluten free menu. Always let your server know.
  • Proof your meal when it is delivered to your table, double check that it is gluten free, especially if someone other than your server delivers it.
  • Be sure to thank individuals who have been accommodating to your needs when ready to leave.
  • Tip generously to show your appreciation.  
  • When in doubt – keep it simple and safe.

It is common for restaurants to offer gluten free options, but be sure to ask about preparation as there are different levels of sensitivity, as well as restaurants accommodating the gluten free fad.
A few things to ask (depending on what you are ordering):

  • Is your pasta prepared in different water, with different strainers?
  • Is that fried with other gluten containing items?
  • Is that grilled where other gluten containing items are grilled? If so, can they clean that area or use a pan or oven to cook it?
  • Do you use separate utensils and prep area for the gluten free option?

110 Grill


Extensive gluten free menu. Very allergen friendly. 780 Jefferson Road Henrietta, New York 14623 (585) 340-6030 Link to their website:



Offers gluten-free pasta, homemade gnocchi, gluten-free dinner rolls and other entrees. 2967 Buffalo Road Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 426-0510 Website:

Aladdin’s Natural Eatery


No gluten-free menu, but familiar with gluten-free needs. Some locations have a menu that they have marked with gluten-free options. Ask hostess/server about options. Pittsford 8 Schoen Place, Pittsford, NY 14534 (585) 264-9000 Monroe Ave 646

BC’s Chicken Coop


Gluten-free fried chicken! They have a separate fryer for their gluten-free meals. Free delivery within Webster, Ontario and West Penfield 9 South Avenue Webster, NY 14580 (585) 265-1185 Website:

Charbroil Restaurant


Owner familiar with the gluten-free diet. Will use a different grill or clean the grill for gluten-free patrons. Talk to your server. 2450 Monroe Ave Rochester, NY 14618 (585) 473-4960 Website:



Chain restaurant offering gluten-free soups and entrees. Greece 960 Elm Ridge Center Dr. Rochester, NY 14626 (585) 227-2750 Victor 7491 Victor/Pittsford Rd. Victor, NY 14564 (585) 924-0220 Website:

Chinatown Restaurant


Gluten-free menu available at the restaurant. Ask the host/server. (You can also call and order free of gluten – no delivery). 390 Elm Ridge Dr. Rochester, NY 14626 (585) 227-9997 Website:

Core Life Eatery


Grain, greens and bone broths. Gluten free friendly. 2 locations in Rochester. Other locations outside of Rochester too. Webster 927 Holt Rd. Webster, NY 14580 (585) 667-0001 Greece 2373 West Ridge Rd. Greece, NY 14626

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que


Gluten free dishes and dessert. Gluten free menu. 99 Court Street Rochester, NY 14604 (585) 325-7090 They also have locations in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Harlem, Syracuse and Troy, NY, Newark, NY, Stamford, CT, and Chicago IL.

Distillery, The


Gluten Free Menu. Open Late. 1142 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 (585) 271-4105 300 Paddy Creek Circle, Greece, NY 14615 (585) 621-1620 3010 Winton Road South, Henrietta, NY 14623 (585) 339-3010 10 Square Drive,

Glen Iris Inn


Open seasonally. Gluten-free menu and vegan menu available. Call ahead to double check – since the link to the menu did not have any information currently. Letchworth State Park Castile, NY 14427 (585) 493-2622 Website:

Good Luck Restaurant


Gluten-free friendly. All menu items made from scratch, so they can items can be adapted. The staff is very knowledgeable. Please inform your server of your dietary needs. Reservations recommended. 50 Anderson Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

Good Smoke BBQ


One of the owners has Celiac Disease. Many gluten-free options. Inquire within. East Rochester Location 326 West Commercial St. East Rochester, NY 14445 (585) 203-1576 Chili Location 3308 Chili Ave Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 571-4332

Han Noodle Bar


Gluten-free friendly. They have a menu they have marked in the restaurant with gluten-free options. Talk to your server. 687 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 242-7333 Website:

Joey B’s


French style country cuisine. Gluten-free friendly (ask server when ordering). New Location: 1325 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 (585) 377-9030 Website:

Just Chik’n


Just Chick'n opened in Henrietta recently. As their name states... they only serve chicken. None of the battered chicken is gluten free but the Peruvian rotisserie is. You can get a family meal deal with

King and I, The


Thai cuisine. The management of this restaurant is very knowledgeable about the needs of celiac patrons. Please inform your server. 1475 E. Henrietta Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 427-8090 Websote:



Gluten-free friendly offerings. Please inform server of dietary needs. 274 N. Goodman Street Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 271-3470 Website:

Longhorn Steak House


Chain restaurant. Gluten sensitive menu. 680 Jefferson Road, Henrietta, NY 14623 (585) 272-9695 1837 West Ridge Road, Greece, NY 14615 (585) 227-6930 7720 State Route 96, Victor, NY 14564 (585) 924-9901 Website:

Mark’s Pizzeria


Offers a gluten-free pizza with cheese and pepperoni topping options for pick-up or delivery. Double check when ordering on the availability of gluten-free pizza at your location and the prep methods they use. Many locations

Mullers Cider House


Mullers Cider House 1344 University Avenue Rochester NY 14607 (585) 287-5875 All cider beverages. Gluten free bread available. Has a separate panini press and takes precaution to avoid cross-contamination. Has a Celiac employee. Website:

Nick’s Deli and Pizza


Gluten-free pizza, pizza shells, bread and bakery items. Also carry frozen GF meals and GF pastas available for sale in the store. 1098 Chili-Coldwater Road Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 247-6270 Website:



Nosh is a fairly new restaurant in Rochester (they were just written up in City Newspaper). They have a lot of options that don't contain gluten or they can adjust to make work for you.

NY Kitchen


Gluten free options listed on their menu. NY Kitchen* 800 South Main Street Canandaigua, NY 14424 (585) 394-7070 *Previously the New York Wine & Culinary Center Website:

Olive Garden


Chain Italian restaurant. Gluten free options. 100 Paddy Creek Circle, Rochester, NY 14615 (585) 865-5610 532 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 292-0590 204 High Point Drive, Victor, NY 14564 (585) 223-2040 Website:

Owl House, The


Most items can be made gluten-free upon request. Numerous items are vegan. Please notify your server of any dietary needs. 75 Marshall Street Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 360-2920 Website:

Petit Poutinerie


Le Petit Poutine food truck and Petit Poutinerie restaurant locations both extremely gluten free friendly. All gluten free options marked on the menu. 44 Elton Street Rochester, NY 14607 Restaurant Menu:

Radio Social


Drinks, Games and Food. Gluten free options available (sliced cucumbers can be substituted for bread for hummus selections) 20 Carlson Road Rochester, NY 14610 (585) 244-1484 Link to their website:

Red Robin


Some locations have gluten-free buns. There is a separate fryer for gluten free french fries. Henrietta 740 Jefferson Rd., Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 475-1410 Webster 905 Holt Road, Webster, NY 14580 (585) 872-2480 Greece 104

Simply Crepes


Gluten-free buckwheat (gluten free/lactose free) crepes available as well as gluten-free oatmeal. Also all items that can be made Gluten-free options are marked on the menu. 7 Schoen Place, Pittsford NY 14534 (585) 383-8310 101

The Baker’s Daughter


Located in Buffalo, NY. Hettie's Delites Cafe at the Rochester Public Market carries her Gluten Free Vegan bagels and donuts. Find out where you can find her goods at her Facebook page:

The Little Brownie


22 Knollbrook Rd. Rochester, NY 14610 (585) 727-7391 The Little Brownie is a 100% gluten free and vegan bakery. The bakery is peanut free and other nuts are seldom used. Other allergens can be accommodated

The Red Fern

Bakeries, Restaurants|

283 Oxford St. Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 563-7633 CUSTOMERS NEEDING CELIAC-SAFE PREPARATION MUST SPECIFY AND DIFFERENTIATE FROM REGULAR GF PREPARATION. We like the ordering terminology “I need this whole order prepared GF for CELIACS.” For Celiac

Uno Chicago Grill


Gluten-free pizza and other options. Gluten free menu included in regular menus. 1000 Hylan Drive Henrietta, NY 14467 (585) 272-8667 931 Holt Road Webster, NY 14580 (585) 872-4760 Website:

Waffle Frolic


Gluten-free/vegan waffles and gluten free fried chicken available. Menu indicates gluten-free items. The Commons 146 East State Ithaca, NY (607) 319-0999 Website:

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