The Rochester Celiac Support Group’s e-mail list “cellist” is an automated e-mail list for sharing news and information important to celiacs in and the surrounding area. By signing up for the email list, you agree to the following…

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Posting Guidelines
The purpose of this Google group is to provide a forum for the free flow of gluten free food related information, discussion, and networking. Its purpose is to facilitate an open, ongoing discussion about all elements of the gluten free diet and how it relates to health, nutrition, social lives, and education. While the Greater Rochester Celiac Support Group does not take positions regarding issues, individuals are free to present different positions. With that in mind, we ask the following…

Do not give medical advice. Every person is different and has a unique medical history. We encourage you to share your experience but please remember that what works for one person may not work for someone else. If you have a medical question, you can ask the group for their experiences but we recommend talking toyour medical provider before making any decisions or changes.

This is not a forum for “bashing” a school, a medical office, a medical practitioner, product, company, etc. Please keep your comments constructive. If you have had a negative experience and want others to know about it, please express it in a professional/positive manner. Give a summary of the experience and how you overcame it or what you would do differently next time. Remember that just because someone had a negative experience does not mean that everyone had the same experience.

All posts should be related to the gluten free diet. This is not a forum to share “chain emails.”
Vendors (anyone who has a financial interest in the product/store they’re promoting) can only post 1 time per month.
Emails don’t have a tone and can easily be misinterpreted. If you don’t like what someone has said or disagree with their opinion, you can send an email with your experience but do not take it personally or make it personal.

Everyone on the list is busy and a lot of us receive tons of emails each day. Please only post something that contributes to others’ knowledge of the gluten free diet. Posts that don’t contain any new information fill people’s inboxes unnecessarily. If you need more information on someone’s post that won’t necessarily help the rest of the group, please email that person directly, not the entire listserv, to avoid excessive emails.

The subject line is a very important part of the email. People often go back through old emails looking for information and use this to help find it. Please put a subject in each email that clarifies the topic of the email. Broad examples include “new product” “new bakery” “GF restaurant” but you can also be specific “new gluten free flour” etcetera.

It is helpful for people reading emails to understand when someone is a vendor versus simply a person recommending a product based on a positive experience. If you are promoting a product that you happen to sell, RCSG considers you a vendor and you’re subject to the posting guidelines of a vendor (1 email per month). If you are recommending a product, writing “I have no financial interest in this company” can be helpful for people but is not a requirement.

If anyone forgets the above guidelines, they will receive an email from a GRCSG board member, reminding them. If it continues to be an issue, their emails may be moderated or the user will be removed from the list.

Most importantly, use this forum as often as you feel comfortable. Some people may never post but choose only to read what others write. Some may post regularly. Your level of participation is 100% up to you!

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